Ballymena Physiotherapy
& Sports Injury Clinic
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Welcome to Ballymena Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
Our goal is to provide the highest quality treatment available in a professional and caring manner.
Each one of our physiotherapists has specialist knowledge garnered from years of experience. Our therapists have worked in NHS settings, private practice and elite level sport.
Our expert physiotherapists have extensive physiotherapy skills and the knowledge required to provide you with an excellent service.
Our goal is always to maximise your potential, and / or, return you to full fitness as soon as possible. 
Experience and Expertise
Whatever your problem,
we are here to help
Back, neck and joint pains
Sports injuries
Orthopaedic rehab after surgery
Work-related injuries
Postural problems
Arthritic problems
Helping you back to Health

Excellence of care, quality in treatment